Celebrate Pearl Month with Mikimoto: Choose the perfect strand length

A few simple considerations will help you pick the right strand length for your personal style… and lifestyle.

For Women of All Ages

Women in their 20s often start their collection with shorter strands and smaller pearls which nestle near the base of the throat. Consider the Choker and Princess lengths to optimize your youthful fashion look.

Women in their 30s and beyond may prefer the fashion impact of longer lengths of pearl necklaces and larger pearls, which add drama while beautifully illuminating the face. Opera and Rope are enjoyed for their versatility, as they can be doubled or tripled around the neck.

A Simple Guideline

If in doubt, use this simple guideline: longer strands of bigger pearls make a more dramatic fashion statement; shorter strands, while classic and elegant, can easily be dressed “up” or “down” for casual occasions. So if you’re sporty, go shorter; sophisticated, go long. Still can’t decide? Opt for the mid-length Princess strand, which flatters every lifestyle and body type.

Fashion Note

Today’s modern jewelry trend is layering, so do not hesitate to mix your lovely Mikimoto strands with other necklaces of different lengths, colors and materials. The look you create will be personal and unique.


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