In celebration of 120 years, Mikimoto introduces Four Seasons

In celebration of 120 years, Mikimoto introduces Four Seasons, a special collection of one-of-a-kind pieces evoking the brilliance and beauty of nature.


Vibrant blue sapphires, paraiba tourmalines and brilliant diamonds articulate the icy brilliance of winter. The cool-colored stones form a tundra-like plane capped by Baroque White South Sea cultured pearls that mimic a winter glacier. The button-shaped, blue-tinted pearls, extremely rare in shape and color, were carefully chosen for their resemblance to high altitude alpine peaks where temperatures drop and icicles form.



The spring suite echoes the luminescence and warmth that define this season of rebirth. Green tsavorites are set in yellow gold to create a verdant field peppered with pink and purple sapphires, paraiba tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds to create a garden budding with life and color. The resulting mosaic channels the promise and serenity of a new season.




The summer suite was designed to capture the duality of the season. Warm-colored gemstones, in pink, orange and yellow sapphires, convey a sun-drenched paradise on one side of the ring and earrings, while vibrant blue sapphires convey the frothy coolness found at the breezy coast.



The classic beauty and elegance of the Golden South Sea cultured pearl emerge in autumn. Yellow and orange gemstones are accented with diamonds, illuminating the exquisite warmth of the golden pearl. The lustrous pearls are set in a cornucopia of magnificent gemstones to resemble the season’s dramatic foliage. Earthy hues like rust and gold are combined with spessartite garnets, diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites are incorporated in the designs.




The Four Seasons Collection is available in Mikimoto boutiques, for more information please contact 1-800- 223-4008.

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