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    Celebrate Pearl Month with Mikimoto: Choose the perfect strand length

    A few simple considerations will help you pick the right strand length for your personal style… and lifestyle. For Women of All Ages Women in their 20s often start their collection with shorter strands and smaller pearls which Read more…

  • anthea_blog

    Mikimoto Anthea Brooch Recipient of the 2013 Couture Design Award

    Mikimoto is honored to be the recipient of this year’s Couture Design Award.  The winning piece was the Anthea brooch – a one-of-a-kind beautiful floral creation. The piece truly exemplifies Mikimoto’s ability to curate extraordinarily rare petal-shaped fresh water baroque Read more…

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    Nature’s Purest Gem

    Though many think of pearls as just your classic whites; the rarest and most precious of pearls come in a variety of different shapes, vivid colors and sizes. Baroque cultured pearls are prized for their asymmetrical one-of-a- kind free form, Read more…

  • congratulations

    Congratulations from Mikimoto

    Whether it be an anniversary, graduation, birthday or the birth of a child, congratulations on accomplishing one of life’s greatest milestones.  Celebrate these moments with one of nature’s most desired gems.  A symbol of commitment, wisdom and integrity, pearls have Read more…

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    Introducing a new suite from MIKIMOTO: Lure

    Water opals, distinct and alluring, lend a sense of mystery to the Lure suite. The double strand White South Sea Baroque cultured pearl necklace is adorned with a platinum, rose gold and water opal flower. Diamonds, platinum and rose gold Read more…

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    Echoes of Deco

    The 1920s was a time of exuberance and glamour defined by bold rich colors, geometric shapes and lavish ornaments. Admire the exquisite cultured pearl jewelry that emanates the optimism of this period.

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    Mikimoto in the News: BASELWORLD Daily News, April 25, 2013

    Mikimoto Celebrates the 120th Anniversary of Culturing Pearls As featured in BASELWORLD DAILY NEWS, April 26, 2013 “Mikimoto invented the culturing of pearls and revolutionized the jewelry industry 120 years ago. CEO Hitoshi Yoshida reflects on the strengths and Read more…

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    Mikimoto Celebrates 120 Years of Rich Heritage and Tradition

    Mikimoto celebrates 120 years of rich heritage and a long standing tradition of producing the world’s most exquisite pearls. The vision was first born when Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearl forever changing the industry. Please Read more…

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    Mikimoto in the News: WWD April 1,2013

    Mikimoto Celebrates 120 Years of Cultured Pearls As featured in WWD, April 1, 2013  “It’s been 120 years since Kokichi cultivated the first pearl, and to commemorate that milestone, Mikimoto is unveiling a high-jewelry collection that showcases modern twists Read more…

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