Royal Blue Akoya Special Edition

This special edition set is truly unique. Presented in homage of Mikimoto’s rich history, the signature clasp is accented in blue enamel set in 18k white gold. Enamel lacquer has been utilized in Japan since 7000 BC. Skilled Mikimoto artisans use a special technique to carefully apply multiple layers in creating the colorful mottled effect.

These A1 quality Akoya pearls are unusually large, ranging from 8 to 9mm at 17 inches in length. Presented with carefully selected A quality, 8mm Akoya stud earrings, the Royal Blue Special Edition set is the perfect complement for today’s confident and elegant Mikimoto enthusiast.

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Commitment to the Highest Quality

This Pearl Pyramid represents the quantity and quality of all cultured pearls harvested in Japan. Only the best cultured pearls are deemed worthy to carry the Mikimoto name. The Mikimoto pearl grading scale is the only qualified system that accurately and consistently defines a pearl's quality of four individual grade categories.

Standards of Excellence

Mikimoto pearl jewelry is distinguished by unique characteristics that elevate it above all other pearl jewelry. One of the many ways we perfect the art of fine jewelry making is by controlling our production from start to finish. Only the finest quality materials are used:

18 karat gold or platinum
High quality VS, G color or better diamonds (certified via the Kimberley Process)
All natural-color gemstones - no radiation or color treatment
Finest silk thread for pearl strands