Summer Earrings


Mikimoto introduces Four Seasons, a special collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that evoke the brilliance and beauty of nature.

The summer ring and earrings, featuring White South Sea cultured pearls and diamonds, are distinct in that they are designed to capture the duality of the season. Warm-colored gemstones, in pink, orange and yellow sapphires, convey a sun-drenched paradise on one side of the ring, while vibrant blue sapphires convey the frothy coolness found at the breezy coast. The contrasting story even extends to the earrings - the right featuring the fiery-colored gems to complement the cool-colored stones on the left.

18mm White South Sea cultured pearls with 0.29cttw diamonds, 0.27cttw yellow sapphires, 1.15cttw orange sapphires, 1.21cttw pink sapphires, and 2.53cttw blue sapphires, set in 18K White Gold

  • 18mm White South Sea Cultured Pearl
  • 0.29cttw diamonds
  • 18K white gold

Price available upon request.

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