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Terms & Conditions for Mikimoto Gift Cards

Use of a Mikimoto Gift Card constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions stated on the Gift Card and on this webpage. The Gift Card may be purchased and redeemed only in person at a Mikimoto retail store located in the United States for delivery in the United States (excluding territories). The Gift Card cannot be used online (, at other retailers carrying Mikimoto products, including other retailers incorporating Mikimoto boutiques. A Gift Card has no expiration date and requires no fee. A Gift Card may not be refunded, returned, or redeemed for cash unless the credit balance is $10 or less. Mikimoto is not responsible for lost or stolen cards or unauthorized use, but replacement for an unredeemed Gift Card may be issued by a Mikimoto store in the United States upon proof of original purchase [and registration of the Gift Card with Worldpay®Storecard®].

While no tax will be charged and collected upon the purchase of a Mikimoto Gift Card, tax will be charged as required by law on purchases made with a Gift Card, as with regular purchases. Each Gift Card will be packaged in a Mikimoto gift box with pouch and, unless picked up in a Mikimoto store, will be sent by standard shipping unless the customer opts for express shipping.