Jardin Mysterieux Collection

Jardin Mystérieux

Jardin Mystérieux invites you to indulge your fantasies in a garden of magical beauty. The high jewellery collection conjures up a world filled with the grandeur of bygone eras, blooming flowers, magnificent creatures, and intricate ironwork.

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Les Pétales Place Vendôme

The collection perfectly illustrates the ephemeral beauty of rose petals floating in the air and then falling on the Place Vendôme.

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The Mikimoto μ Collection

μ Collection

μ Collection features graceful designs that show off the full splendor of extremely rare and valuable gemstones hand-picked from around the world.

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Jeux de Rubans Collection

Jeux de Rubans

This high jewelry collection portrays the timeless motif of ribbons that are loved all over the world with a touch of luxurious whimsy.

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Praise to Nature Collection

Praise to Nature

Praise to Nature collection pays homage to vibrantly changing faces of nature in the form of beautiful jewelry.

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Classic High Jewelry Collection

High Jewelry

Our most esteemed collection of cultured pearl masterpieces

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