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MIKIMOTO Announces Dilraba as Global Brand Ambassador

MIKIMOTO Announces Dilraba as Global Brand Ambassador

MIKIMOTO proudly unveils a new campaign to announce Dilraba as our Global Brand Ambassador. With a resolutely contemporary approach to showcase the MIKIMOTO spirit, we are presenting her contemporary and novel image to redefine the style of Pearl.

As the world's cultured pearls pioneer, MIKIMOTO has been exploring the multifaceted beauty of pearls, breaking and imagining the traditions and perception of pearls. This latest campaign sees MIKIMOTO starring the radiant Dilraba, who layers and stacks our Pearl creations in their dazzling looks to express the star’s true self, revealing a new style of Pearl that defies stereotypes.

Infused with endless possibilities, MIKIMOTO pearls with Dilraba lets you create your own combinations in a versatile way that expresses your true self.

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